Visitor Submission: DAMN!

” In the fall, I usually host a business seminar and the audience is always eager and ready to make their mark.  As the instructor, I am always ready to assist in this part of their business journey. As I walk in, I scan the room to see who’s here and what demeanor they’re giving off. I began by checking the registration list to see if the room matches the list. As I called the names out, I purposely made eye contact with each person in order to get name and faces together. I got towards the end of the list I noticed a woman we shall refer to as First Row Third Seat.

She seemed a bit shy but something about her said that she’s here on purpose. Little did I know, she would shed that shyness in the later weeks of the seminar. As the weeks pass by, First Row Third Seat opens up a bit more each week.  Conversations after the lectures are brief but seemingly calculated. I wondered to myself, is it the purposely calling on her during the lecture or was there some other motive. 

Conversations towards the end of seminar, shifted to activities outside of the lectures. We discussed some nightlife spots that could be enjoyed. Never once did it occur to me that I could run into her at any of the spots but again the shyness was disappearing and more comfort was being established. What occurred next really caused me to pay attention for the rest of the seminar. In walks First Row Third Seat, not like all of the other times I found her in class, slumped down in her chair trying not to be noticed. This time, she was in white jeans, a nice blazer and heels that made me pay more attention than I had ever before. Now you must understand that I couldn’t be obvious but I noticed everything from head to toe. She shared that after class that she had an engagement to attend. From this time forward she seem to be a natural in all of her interaction with me. Shyness was nowhere to be found.

The seminar was coming to a close and First Row Third Seat was still all smiles yet more and more she seemed comfortable interacting with me after each lecture.  She reveals she needed to speak with me but not in the current setting. I would be naïve if I said I didn’t know what the conversation could be about but I decided not to assume anything or fill in the blanks for her. I suggested that we get together for drinks to discuss what was on her mind.
We meet for drinks and for the second time since I have known her; her attire is eye catching. Only this time, there was no need to be reserved. I can really examine her from head to toe without worrying about it looking inappropriate. Her dress hugged all of the curves I had seen in those white jeans but this selection was by far her best selection to date.  Unlike during the seminars, I was able to receive a hug that set the tone for the evening. I ordered drinks to lighten the mood so that the conversation and time spent could flow naturally. After ordering drinks, I simply couldn’t keep my eyes off her. I was hoping that I wasn’t making her feel uncomfortable with my purposeful stares. This lady had such beauty and class about herself, I couldn’t help but to admire her. This was not the woman that I saw at the beginning of the seminar. She was good at hiding all that she had to offer but I was even better at reading what she was hiding. Finally, I interrupt the purposeful stares and I ask First Row Third Seat what would you like me to know? She says, “you maintain eye contact with each of your attendees and I find it very sexy”. She also mentions that she finds me attractive.  My response to her is, “Oh really?” She eagerly responds with a sexy and inviting “Yes.”

By this time, I really can’t keep my eyes off of her. Everything about her stands out from her beautiful slanted eyes to her mesmerizing smile. Very alluring yet subtly giving you just enough to cause you to want more servings of what she is serving. We are now in our comfort zone with more drinks on tap. We are closer than ever before. Her invites are classy and very calculated. My acceptance to her invites are purposeful with the intent to stay near for the rest of the night. We have company at the bar but my focus is on her. The closer I get the better the conversation becomes. I whisper soothing words in her lovely ears and her body tells me she is agreeing to my touch. I see the way she responds. Mentally she’s telling me to give her more and mentally I oblige.

Our company takes notice as soothing words escape First Row Third Seat with a luscious volume. Finally she has to excuse herself to regain composure because of the music we mentally created together. As she excuses herself I can’t help but to stare as she walked away. My mind is made up to continue on this journey to see more of what she had been successful at hiding. I can still smell her scent and definitely her mental aroma that had been oozing out since we hugged. She’s back but we really were just getting started. We both look at one another and we mentally connect as if we had never lost connection. It can be said that all good things must come to an end however we haven’t even started. Without saying it, we agreed to see one another again because clearly we had too much company, even though we were able to phase them out and make mental music.

We leave and I walk this ambitious, beautiful, calculated, confident, determined and everything you’d want in a woman, to her car. I remember her speaking briefly about PDA but I knew that I wouldn’t participate in that tonight. Nah, I wanted to continue and I thought PDA would ruin that. No, this woman was going to be respected tonight.  There would be another time for that. So with no fanfare, a forehead kiss is placed above her pretty eyebrows. This seems to confuse her but her hug says next time will be different. The message conveyed to her is your mysterious and calculated approach will be respected and your comfort is important to me.

I call her and we have small talk until she makes it home but I can’t take my mind off of what her body said all night. Pull me close it whispered. I anticipated the next time by counting down the time. I had been intrigued by her mysteriousness since those white jeans and then the black dress was the signature invite I was going to use to get invited to this mental engagement.  She makes it home safely and we say our good nights.

All I can say is Damn….. You never know.  “

This was a fire read! Now I can’t wait to write another DAMN story. LOL!

**** This is a submission from a Sincerely Angie subscriber that was sent back in 2019. I am just getting around to posting it. If you would like to submit a blog post for the DAMN series, send a message through the contact page. ****

Dear 2020,

Whew!!!! What a century this year has been. My bestie said that 2020 has been the longest shortest year. I remember 2016 being a year that was full of death and chaos but 2020 has taken on that title 100%. I know that at 12:01a on January 1st, 2021, things won’t automatically change for the best but I think everyone is hopeful and ready for a break. Anything can happen overnight but nothing happens overnight.

I think that 2020 genuinely was the push and the break that we all needed. As with any other year, there were wins and losses but this year, we (the world) collectively, were affected all at once. Let’s just break down 2020. Listen to the podcast episode here!

We took a huge hit in January with the tragic death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter and 7 others on the helicopter. We barely made it through after trying to process such a great loss. I’m not even a basketball fan and his death took me by surprise and it was a reminder that life is short and to leave a print while you’re here. Life is for the living, live it!

Here comes February, the memorial service for Kobe and his daughter takes place and the United States is dealing with the impeachment of DT.

My favorite month ever March, marched right on in and added to the BS. While I was out of the country in Mexico, to celebrate myself and Toya’s birthday, the United States was going crazy. All we kept hearing about was how empty the stores were. Sanitizer, cleaning supplies and the toilet paper shortage. WHAT?!?!?! Corona Virus (COVID-19) had made it to the US in January but March was when the case numbers started to really increase. The pandemic officially started. The stock market crashed also. Quarantine lockdown began. Madness for sure ensued.

April was pretty much a blur, as we all were still adjusting to outside being closed. No restaurants were open for in house eating, no bars, long lines at stores and social distancing, limited capacity, curfews/early closing times for businesses and having to wear a mask in order to go any where. Americans received a stimulus check of $1,200 to help with the unfortunate effects of COVID-19.

May comes around and we hear that there are Killer Hornets that have made their way to the United States. Collectively the world wanted to fight. We could not take another blow. As 2020 would have it, she/he was not finished. Video footage of  multiple murders of innocent black men surfaced. Armaud Aubrey and George Floyd just to name a couple. Black Lives Matter in overdrive would be the theme for the next 6 or more months. There was unrest, protest, riots and racial tension. 

June comes in and footage from an incident months before surface and it was the slaughter, murder or killing of the beautiful Breonna Taylor. We were fed up. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

July, just like April, was a blur. 2020 wouldn’t let up.

August was filled with more protests. A little light shined on our part of the world when Kamala Harris was announced as Vice President Elect by Joe Biden. The first female and first black Vice President elect. Can’t have sunshine without a little rain. Chadwick Boseman passed away. Yep, our Black Panther, T’Challa died from colon cancer. His death, just like Kobe’s, reminded us that life is short and that you never know what battles others are fighting. He was diagnosed in 2016, and during this time, he starred in so many movies. He posted a picture a while back and he had visibly loss a lot of weight. Social media showed no mercy. Most hoped that the weight loss was for a movie role, others talked so badly about it. What showed most about him was his strength during a time when he was dying. No one knew and he gave his best performances.

In September, the world seemed to be opening back up. Not necessarily returning to normal, but outside was operating at about 75% capacity. Things were looking up, well, besides DT causing trouble before the upcoming election in November.

October slid by so fast, there was no time to cause trouble. We welcomed October, then it was Halloween. That’s it. No in between. LOL!

November’s BS started early because of election day. We all sat with bated breath because the election results were too close for comfort. Joe Biden won but DT was not going down without a fight. He screamed election fraud, voter fraud and every thing in between. Weeks later and after several recounts, we could finally breathe better knowing that there would be a new president come Jan 20th. A small beam of light to help us all cope before the second wave of COVID-19 would hit. Eighty year old Dionne Warwick joined twitter and let’s just say that she is giving us all a good bit of light. Alex Trebex, the Jeopardy legend, passed away from pancreatic cancer. 

December, a time for family, friends, joy, giving, hope and preparation for the new year. Daily record breaking new COVID-19 cases decided to be the theme. We were warned that this would happen in the colder months but we had so much hope that things were getting better. A vaccine was also released to help stop the spread of this virus that had killed hundreds of thousands of people. A vaccine that many people are skeptical about due to the short time that it took to create. Christmas was a success for most. Before the year was out, a second stimulus check of $600 started hitting accounts. DT tried to amend it and said that the American people deserved $2,000. That was denied. 

I tried to wrap up 3000 days in a few words so I didn’t touch on everything but we made it through, To those we loss this year, You are not forgotten. Rest peacefully! We are more than conquerors and 2020 gave us the strength we needed to give us what we prayed for in 2019. Thank you 2020! We can take it from here!

Peace out 2020!