My Method for Saving pt.2

March 9, 2017 was when I posted part one. I have posted many other blog posts and podcast episodes since then on how to save but part one has been the most popular. Since then, I have tweaked a few things. While writing this post I went back and read that post, I see that I will have to revisit a thing or two. I hope that part two will be as short and to the point as the first.

A lot has changed in 4 years. Mostly everything is digital now. This could make it easier or harder for some people to save. No worries, I hope my suggestions will help you out. First things first,

  • Open a savings account if you don’t have one already. Try to find an account that is high interest yielding (An account that will pay you a higher interest rate than a normal savings account for your money sitting in the bank).
  • Do an evaluation of your finances so that you’ll know realistically how much you can potentially save. (Calculate your income minus your bills, to determine how much is left over)
  • Set a goal. (Try to save $100 for the week, pay period or month)
  • Try doing a money challenge to get your savings ball rolling. (i.e. 52 week money challenge or $5 challenge)
  • Cut out unnecessary spending. (Take a break from coffee shops, fast food restaurants, shopping for a while)
  • Search online for class action lawsuits that may have affected you or unclaimed funds from the Treasury dept. (Once you get the check, put it into your savings account)
  • Fill out surveys or utilize cash back websites when shopping online. (They pay you for referrals also like Rakuten)
  • Redeem your cash back points for cash from your credit cards. (7,000 points could equate $50-$70cash depending on the company)
  • Transfer small amounts into your savings account randomly. (If your account has $443.76, transfer $3.76 or 43.76 into savings. Do that weekly or as often as you check your account.)
  • Use coupons when shopping for necessities (Put the amount you saved into your savings account. If using coupons caused you to save $15.88, put that amount into savings).
  • Put any change that’s laying around the house or in piggy banks/coke bottles (large amounts i.e. $50 worth) into the bank. (Cash them out at the coin machine and deposit the money into your savings account.)
  • Sell old clothes and/or shoes to a consignment shop or online and use the money you made to add to your savings account.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for monetary gifts for special events instead of gifts. (This unexpected money goes into savings)
  • Use the interest that you’ve earned on your savings account to achieve any additional money goals or to pay down debt.

Saving small is still saving. Don’t despise meager beginnings. These small gestures will create bigger gestures until saving is no longer foreign but a lifestyle for you. Check out my podcast, YouTube channel and other blog posts for even more savings tips.

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Visitor Submission: DAMN!

” In the fall, I usually host a business seminar and the audience is always eager and ready to make their mark.  As the instructor, I am always ready to assist in this part of their business journey. As I walk in, I scan the room to see who’s here and what demeanor they’re giving off. I began by checking the registration list to see if the room matches the list. As I called the names out, I purposely made eye contact with each person in order to get name and faces together. I got towards the end of the list I noticed a woman we shall refer to as First Row Third Seat.

She seemed a bit shy but something about her said that she’s here on purpose. Little did I know, she would shed that shyness in the later weeks of the seminar. As the weeks pass by, First Row Third Seat opens up a bit more each week.  Conversations after the lectures are brief but seemingly calculated. I wondered to myself, is it the purposely calling on her during the lecture or was there some other motive. 

Conversations towards the end of seminar, shifted to activities outside of the lectures. We discussed some nightlife spots that could be enjoyed. Never once did it occur to me that I could run into her at any of the spots but again the shyness was disappearing and more comfort was being established. What occurred next really caused me to pay attention for the rest of the seminar. In walks First Row Third Seat, not like all of the other times I found her in class, slumped down in her chair trying not to be noticed. This time, she was in white jeans, a nice blazer and heels that made me pay more attention than I had ever before. Now you must understand that I couldn’t be obvious but I noticed everything from head to toe. She shared that after class that she had an engagement to attend. From this time forward she seem to be a natural in all of her interaction with me. Shyness was nowhere to be found.

The seminar was coming to a close and First Row Third Seat was still all smiles yet more and more she seemed comfortable interacting with me after each lecture.  She reveals she needed to speak with me but not in the current setting. I would be naïve if I said I didn’t know what the conversation could be about but I decided not to assume anything or fill in the blanks for her. I suggested that we get together for drinks to discuss what was on her mind.
We meet for drinks and for the second time since I have known her; her attire is eye catching. Only this time, there was no need to be reserved. I can really examine her from head to toe without worrying about it looking inappropriate. Her dress hugged all of the curves I had seen in those white jeans but this selection was by far her best selection to date.  Unlike during the seminars, I was able to receive a hug that set the tone for the evening. I ordered drinks to lighten the mood so that the conversation and time spent could flow naturally. After ordering drinks, I simply couldn’t keep my eyes off her. I was hoping that I wasn’t making her feel uncomfortable with my purposeful stares. This lady had such beauty and class about herself, I couldn’t help but to admire her. This was not the woman that I saw at the beginning of the seminar. She was good at hiding all that she had to offer but I was even better at reading what she was hiding. Finally, I interrupt the purposeful stares and I ask First Row Third Seat what would you like me to know? She says, “you maintain eye contact with each of your attendees and I find it very sexy”. She also mentions that she finds me attractive.  My response to her is, “Oh really?” She eagerly responds with a sexy and inviting “Yes.”

By this time, I really can’t keep my eyes off of her. Everything about her stands out from her beautiful slanted eyes to her mesmerizing smile. Very alluring yet subtly giving you just enough to cause you to want more servings of what she is serving. We are now in our comfort zone with more drinks on tap. We are closer than ever before. Her invites are classy and very calculated. My acceptance to her invites are purposeful with the intent to stay near for the rest of the night. We have company at the bar but my focus is on her. The closer I get the better the conversation becomes. I whisper soothing words in her lovely ears and her body tells me she is agreeing to my touch. I see the way she responds. Mentally she’s telling me to give her more and mentally I oblige.

Our company takes notice as soothing words escape First Row Third Seat with a luscious volume. Finally she has to excuse herself to regain composure because of the music we mentally created together. As she excuses herself I can’t help but to stare as she walked away. My mind is made up to continue on this journey to see more of what she had been successful at hiding. I can still smell her scent and definitely her mental aroma that had been oozing out since we hugged. She’s back but we really were just getting started. We both look at one another and we mentally connect as if we had never lost connection. It can be said that all good things must come to an end however we haven’t even started. Without saying it, we agreed to see one another again because clearly we had too much company, even though we were able to phase them out and make mental music.

We leave and I walk this ambitious, beautiful, calculated, confident, determined and everything you’d want in a woman, to her car. I remember her speaking briefly about PDA but I knew that I wouldn’t participate in that tonight. Nah, I wanted to continue and I thought PDA would ruin that. No, this woman was going to be respected tonight.  There would be another time for that. So with no fanfare, a forehead kiss is placed above her pretty eyebrows. This seems to confuse her but her hug says next time will be different. The message conveyed to her is your mysterious and calculated approach will be respected and your comfort is important to me.

I call her and we have small talk until she makes it home but I can’t take my mind off of what her body said all night. Pull me close it whispered. I anticipated the next time by counting down the time. I had been intrigued by her mysteriousness since those white jeans and then the black dress was the signature invite I was going to use to get invited to this mental engagement.  She makes it home safely and we say our good nights.

All I can say is Damn….. You never know.  “

This was a fire read! Now I can’t wait to write another DAMN story. LOL!

**** This is a submission from a Sincerely Angie subscriber that was sent back in 2019. I am just getting around to posting it. If you would like to submit a blog post for the DAMN series, send a message through the contact page. ****

Dear Past,

This week’s podcast episode is centered around the PAST. We all have one and these are my thoughts on it. I’m speaking from a personal level about the past an how it affects your life and your relationships. I am 100% sure that I will revisit this topic when I have a co-host on the podcast because I believe that this is a topic that requires multiple points of views. But today, I’m being biased and just going to give my thoughts and opinions. Listen to the new episode here!

I have been wanting to talk about this topic for a while but just like with most of the episodes I do, I wait until the spirit moves me. So the past, memes, movies, thoughts and so many others things have been heavy on me so I figured it was high time to talk about it.

The past in the perspective of a person and who they are and how they are: I have spent many episodes talking about how my childhood made me and many others who we are. I believe that most of that is also choice driven. I made choices to be the opposite of what I saw as a child that was not right to me. I made the choice to break generational curses. I acknowledged what I could remember as a child and decided that I wanted different, so I became different. I could have easily used my childhood as a crutch and allowed it to cripple me. I could blame my failures and areas of lack on my upbringing but my drive, willpower and my spirit knows that I am supposed to be the change I wished I had. A crutch sounds like, “I can’t because…”, a lesson says “I will because…”. I honestly believe that the past should be left in the past and only brought up to testify how far you’ve come.

The past in relationships: In the last 3-4 years, I have had the same conversation with the same person over and over. It seems as though we can’t agree to disagree. I have not been in many committed relationships but the few that I have been in, I was never concerned about their past. I think that you should have a certain level of confidence to be able to not allow someone’s past to affect you. In that beginning stage of getting to know someone, I never liked to ask questions about their past and exes. I learned at an early age that how someone treated someone else, may not be the way they treat you. No two people are the same, therefore, results will always vary. Me finding out how you treated you ex or exes will only taint the person I know now. If as a teenager you were one way and I am meeting you as a 35 year old, why would I believe that you are that same person?

Is it necessary to tell your new partner about your past sexual partners? Like the actual number of people you’ve been with? How many times? The level of freakiness? I don’t believe it is necessary. I have met people who had 1 sexual partner before me and met people who had many before me. Am I entitled to know how many and how many times? I don’t believe so. I have made the mistake twice of telling men about my past partners and both times I wished I would have kept my mouth shut. I like to call myself an open book when meeting people. I am not ashamed of my past nor do I have any regrets so I have no problems telling my side of stories from my past. I believe that some men just can’t handle a woman who is open and make no excuses about her past and owning her decisions. We as women are allowed to have sex with other people before you come along. I digress. In short, don’t ask about someone’s past if you are going to park there. They don’t live there and if you have trouble moving on from THEIR past, you should just move on from THEIR life. SN: Your past is not limited to just your sex life.

Now, hear me and hear me clearly. The past is necessary because it has made you who you are. You should not be defined by your past but motivated by it. The past can also be subjective but I think that you have to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. What do you deem necessary to reveal? If you were once a serial killer, rapist, drug addict, in jail, a pedophile, the opposite sex, have a deadly disease, etc. those are things that I believe are necessary to share. Those aren’t the only things, just a few examples of the severity of what you should disclose to someone. We have all sinned and we all fall short daily but we can also be redeemed. We should not be anchored to our past because we can’t change what has already happened. We can only acknowledge the past, make better choices, do better and be different. Let the past fuel your future. You are worthy of a second chance.