It was around 7 o’clock pm. She had just gotten off of work and needed to go to the mall to get a gift for someone. If she was being honest, she actually wanted to treat herself to something sexy from Victoria’s Secret because she deserved it. It had been a long week and she just wanted to get home, take a nice long bath and sip on her favorite wine. She still needed to add more items to her online store to prepare for a sale that she decided to have. She would probably end up being on the computer all night long but didn’t mind because this was her baby and she enjoyed nurturing her for the last 3 years.

As the woman was leaving the mall, she received a phone call from her special person and he asked if he could come over. Although she had a lot to do, she always made time for this one. She got home, prepped her computer and work station to prepare for a night of work after he left. There was a knock at the door. He was on the other side dressed to perfection and smelling like her favorite version of him. They hugged, kissed and just stood there for a moment. Her favorite place to be when they we’re in a good place. Just because he’s her special person, doesn’t mean that there wasn’t an urge to want to strangle him sometimes.

Silently, they got undressed and headed straight to the shower. She would love to say that they read each other’s mind but they didn’t. The shower is routine on rough days for them. He seemed to always know when it was necessary. He turned the water on and made it nice and hot like she liked it. It was too hot for his liking but he dealt with it because of her. She stepped in first and he got in right after. They stood there for another moment and just held one another as the water cascaded down their bodies. The woman asked him about his day and he went into great detail about his breakfast, work, lunch and activities after work. She loved hearing about his day. His memory was impeccable and he paid attention to everything.

The man recapped his day and turned his focus to her.

“Enough about me” he said, “How are you?”

She started to talk about her day and realized that what was more important, was right in front of her.

She said “My day is over and that’s all that matters.”

They hugged tightly and he reached for the soap. He lathered his hands with soap and started to hand wash her body. Starting with her arms, while facing him, one at a time, he tended to them with much precision and care. The shoulders were up next, with slight massages as he rubbed the soap over her body. He acted as if he was sculpting a statue. She just stood there amazed at his selflessness and allowed her body to feel every sensation from the strong hands gliding up and down her front to the hot water that massaged her back.

After the hand wash, he grabbed a towel, lathered it and ran it across her body. Getting in between each toe and under her breasts. He’d seen her shower so many times, he knew her wash routine. He followed each step as if he were her. Wash rinse, wash rinse, body wash, and rinse. It was the her turn so she grabbed the soap, turned his body so that the water could hit his back while she tended to the front. She lathered her hands and allowed them to gracefully glide over the defined muscles that adorned his body. She played around on his arms and chest as she tried to not eagerly rush to her favorite part of him. She finally made her way to his partner in crime and he was already hard and bouncing. She reached for more soap so that she could massage him and his two friends smoothly. He tilted his head back to enjoy the sensations of the water hitting his head, while she massaged the other one. Before things got out of hand, she turned him around and washed his back, rinsed him off and turned the water off.

They exited the shower and he grabbed her towel and proceeded to dry her off. He made sure that not a single drop of water was left on her body. They walked to the bedroom and he grabbed a bottle of lotion and poured it into a glass dish and warmed it up. She laid down and he applied the lotion to his hands and lotioned/massaged one leg then the next. Making sure to not miss an inch of skin, he took his time and stared at each leg while doing so. His strong hands massaged her feet to perfection. He separated her legs and she noticed he peaked at her garden. She knew that he thought that he dried all of the water off of her but there was a leak in her flower pot and it was caused by him. He closed her legs and moved on to her arms, then stomach and breasts.

He turned her over and started at the back of her legs, butt and then her back and shoulders. She was sure by this time, the silky pool that was forming between her legs was even more visible. Her body was completely lotioned up and very relaxed. She turned over onto all fours with her backside facing him and looked back at him. He started to reach for more lotion.

“That’s not what I want.” she said

She could tell that he was taken aback, but it only took a second before he realized what she wanted. He grabbed his partner in crime and was about to slide in. She reached both hands around and opened up a bit to let him slide in. Silk immediately coated his PNC and the wetness was louder than their moans. He pulled out and went to get a towel. She scolded him and told him to not get out again. She was throbbing and needed everything he had to give her. She wanted every stroke and every thrust. He got back in and they got in sync.

The man asked “Do you really want me to stay in?”

The woman replied “I don’t care what you do, just don’t get back out.”

Moments later their climaxes came. After a few moments, they headed to the bathroom to clean up and they talked about what just happened as she is normally not so forward. They had been taking showers for weeks with no action afterwards so this caught him off guard. The woman just felt like it was time to connect and because he handled her with such care earlier, she was aroused and needed to complete the night. They kissed, hugged and called it a night.

She logged into her period tracker app on her phone to note that she had sex for the day and noticed that it was an ovulation day.


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Posted on 2/10/2015


A woman sits in a room and in walks a man whose stride carries an air of confidence around him. She gives a second glance but turns away quickly so not to stare. He proceeds to speak to everyone making eye contact in the process. The woman notices this and immediately starts smiling, for this is a man who is not afraid to look someone in their eyes. Something that very few men did. It shows confidence.

Weeks go by and she notices that she can’t stop thinking about this man. First brushing it off as a silly crush and then deciding that there’s no way possible that this man is single. But he doesn’t wear a ring nor is there a mark where a ring could’ve been. The woman decides that she will eventually just tell him that she admires his aura and confidence just to get it off of her chest. For months there’s an exchange of pleasantries until she decides to contact him to ask a question about places he mentioned that he frequented. He responds without hesitancy and offered up more suggestions that were of convenience to the woman.

More time passes and more pleasantries follow. A comfort level between the two ensues. Off and on text message conversations and a couple of phone calls occur and the woman reveals that she wants to tell him something in person but not in their current setting. He suggests that they go out for drinks one evening to talk about it. The conversations up to this point had been very generic. Nothing personal asked or shared, just general conversation.

The night comes when they are to meet for drinks. The woman puts on a little black dress that is perfect for any occasion, not too long, not too short but very fitting. Showing just enough to let him know that this night was personal, not business related. She walks in a few minutes late and walks over to him and gives him a friendly hug. He is taken aback by her appearance, as it is much different from how he normally sees her. He compliments her and asks her what she wants to drink. Obviously due to the setting the comfort level is more pronounced and the chemistry between the two is undeniable.

Man: “Wasn’t there something you needed to tell me in person?” he asked, after a plethora of small talk.

Woman: “Yes, I don’t mean to come off disrespectful or anything but the first day I saw you, I noticed the way you looked everyone in their eyes and maintained eye contact. That was probably the sexiest thing I have ever seen. And I find you very attractive.”

Man: “Is that right?”

Woman: “Yes.”

After about two drinks the chemistry really starts to show. His voice gets deeper with each word he speaks and the woman squirms with excitement. He leans in to whisper something into her ear and touches the small of her back throughout the night and it sends her into euphoria each time. He is mentally seducing her at those moments. Moans begin to escape her mouth and there was nothing she could do to stop it. The bar wasn’t crowded but people were close by. A patron sitting next to her looks in her direction as he hears her moans as well.

The woman excuses herself and goes to the ladies room to recover. This gentleman is very attractive, smart, mature, sexy, and he is very smooth. She reads all of his mannerisms and they say ‘this man is a man who knows what he is doing,’ ‘stay away or you will fall hard.’ Of course she doesn’t listen, she goes back to him and enjoys him a little while longer. She’s enjoying the mental stimulation he is giving her. Not to mention the part of her body that she once thought was broken or dead is now pulsating with life.

The night is coming to an end and he walks her to her car and hugs her and places a kiss on her forehead. She looks up at him confused, after the mental love making session he just put her through, all she gets is a forehead kiss? They hug again and she purses her lips to kiss him. He gives her 3 small pecks and one last hug before saying his final goodbye. She gets into her car and her phone rings, he is calling to talk to her until she makes it home safely.

The woman is still stuck on the forehead kiss and pecks so she asks, “What was the forehead kiss about? Are you not a fan of PDA?” he replies, “I enjoy it, I just didn’t want to disrespect you or make you feel uncomfortable.” This man is good she thought. How could he possibly do all that he just did inside the bar and then leave her hanging like that. Always leave them wanting more she imagined was his MO. Again, this man is one to be careful of. He is smart. Charismatic. A charmer. A ladies man. Steer clear. But this woman loves a challenge, so she didn’t listen.


Posted on 2/10/2015