She Say, She Say

Podcast: She say, She say


My best friend and I started a new podcast She say, She say! First episode is available. We have very different views at times so what better way to share our thoughts, than with a podcast. You may have heard her on a few episodes of #SincerelyAngie

We’re still in the beginning stages so bare with us but just know, it’ll be worth the listen.


Episode 13: Throat Violation (Youtube audio):

Episode 12: Mukbang video audio:

Episode 11: Pet Peeves:

Episode 10: Let’s Talk About Sex pt. 2:

Episode 9: Let’s Talk About Sex pt. 1

Episode 8: The Finesser

Episode 7: It Ain’t Nothin to Cut a B Off!

Episode 6: Don’t Have Sex with Co-Workers

Episode 5: My Body, My Choice!

Episode 4: And I’m Telling You, I’m Not Going!

Episode 3: For My Homies in the Gangsta Lean

Episode 2: I Like Expensive Dates…

Episode 1: Introduction