Be a Good Steward Over Your Finances in 2023

Definitions –

Finances: The management of large amounts of money…

Steward: Manage or look after…

Of the many money blog posts that you can find here on Sincerely Angie, this is probably the first of its kind. This post isn’t to tell you about the many ways to get money easily like I have listed in the past or mentioned in podcast episodes. Although I did upload an episode recently where I shared how money literally came from everywhere last year and I don’t sell a single product or service. Listen here if you’re curious. This post is to help you manage your money. It’s great to save money by using everyday things like online shopping (Rakuten) or getting gas (Fuel Rewards) but once you get the money you’ve earned, how are you managing it?

I won’t deviate from the basics like writing everything down, as this is necessary to keep track of it all. It’s not impossible but it’s a bit of a challenge to manage every dollar in your head for a whole week, month or even a year. Being a good steward over your finances will happen if you learn to be organized and disciplined.

  1. Get an understanding of who you are financially, what you’re making and spending and your why or goals. This will involve you writing things down and diving deep into your priorities, habits (good or bad) and who is actually in control of your money (you or the things you think you need).
  2. Tithe. Giving God 10% of your first fruits shows that you are obedient to His direction, you trust Him to supply your needs and you are grateful for the 100% He blessed you with.
  3. Be disciplined. Learn to sacrifice a week, month, or year of what you normally do, to get you to where you want to be and learn to say no.
  4. Prioritize and execute. Once you decide what is most important to handle first, pull the trigger on those things.
  5. Be obedient. If you are lead to bless someone, bless them. Your reward for being obedient will blow you away. God will bless you 30/60/100 fold, for your obedience.

Of the 5 things listed above, tithing was something that changed my life the most. In most of my years going to church, I would tithe but I was not doing the standard of 10%+. I would give a tithe and also an offering. Both together may have barely equaled the 10% I should have been doing strictly for tithes. Now granted, I was still blessed because I believe God knew my heart and intentions but when I was more educated on tithing, I did a better job. It was the best decision I’d ever made. Imagine having $100 and scared or too tight to give God at least $10. Once you do it and you get blessed right back in return, your outlook changes and you realize that the $10 really didn’t hurt or take away from anything.

How many times have you been short on a bill or tab and it miraculously gets taken care of? Even times where you were sitting home wondering what to eat then someone calls you to bless you with a dinner outing? Have you ever applied for a job and once you were hired, they tell you that you were selected out of hundreds of other qualified individuals? That’s nothing but God. You may have made a decision to bless someone over being selfish or you chose priorities over wants. You are being rewarded for being a good steward over your finances. Try it out! You won’t regret it.

Sincerely Angie

My Giving Season

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time on any platform, you may essentially come to the conclusion that I am not someone who needs much. I am simple and basic when it comes to… well, life or lifestyles. I don’t ask for much from anyone, nor do I expect much from people. Of the few things that I do expect, one thing is, I expect me out of others and that’s where I eff up.

Over the last 30+ years, some may have called me stingy when it comes to money. Over the last 5-10 years, I would say that I have been more giving when it comes to money. Reason being, it came to me one day that if I am holding on tightly to what I have, there is no room to receive. So I made the decision to loosen my grip on money and give it more freely. I have always been a giver of my time and talents. Servitude is one of my favorite things to do. I love helping people.

It is truly better to give than to receive and when someone is trying to give or bless you with something, you should take it. What I have learned over these last 5 or so years that I have been giving more freely is that being obedient to giving when you are lead to is the true blessing. You really never know how much that person was blessed and probably in need when you gave them whatever you gave.

Although at this current time, I don’t plan to ever stop being a giver of my time, talents or treasures but I am planning to stop being nice and to start setting more boundaries. My giving season is not over, it’s just being modified. I believe that I have given from the heart but when I reached out to friends and family for a simple task or gesture, I got no response. This bothered me and confused me at the same time. I had to check my heart because I never gave, thinking that one day, if I was ever in need, I could call on the very people that I have helped. I was really under the impression that since I never ask for anything and what I was asking for wasn’t going to take away anything from anyone, that it would be received without a second thought. Again, I was wrong.

Episode 100 was just uploaded to my podcast. To check it out, click here! I had to give my listeners the side of me that they rarely get. I was keeping it 100. I gave DJ the opportunity to ask me anything and I would answer it honestly and openly.



My NOUNS of the Week

It’s 12:58am and this title/post just came to me. My last couple of posts may have been too deep or negative. Therefore, it’s time for something Angie-like. Something short, sweet, bright and light. It goes without saying that a noun is a person, place or thing. So, I decided to share one thing from each, that I love. My great friend Eric Lewis from IMMA KEEP GOING had something similar on his blog a while back, his “3 Pieces of the Week”. He shared 3 things that made him happy or things that he was into that week. Here are the my 3 things that naturally make me happy. I hope to come back next week with more people, places and things that make me happy.

Person: Me. LOL! Other than God (what picture would I have used for God because…), did you really think that I was going to put someone else as the first person to be featured? Y’all don’t know me very well if you thought otherwise. I know it sounds selfish but I’m serious about me. I believe that I am currently living my best life. I am not traveling or out every night or whatever else one would think living their best life means. I am just more confident and comfortable in my skin, my abilities, my attributes, etc. than ever before.

Just being Angie

Thing: Plants. I have always loved flowers but becoming a plant mom has been a blessing. I have a newfound joy for new life. It’s amazing how a new leaf or plant sprouting tugs at your heart. I have had succulents since around 2009 but they are low maintenance and grow too fast to get attached to each new sprout. I received a Guzmania Bromeliad as a present a couple of years ago and doing the research on them and taking care of the first one has been the best gift ever. This particular plant only blooms once then starts to die off but in the process of dying, it still produces baby plants(pups). My mother plant (Pinkie) that I got two years ago is currently producing her last baby. She has given me a good ten plus babies but I can’t seem to keep them alive. It won’t stop me from trying though.

A few of my plant babies.

Place: The beach. My favorite place to be. I am afraid to actually count to see how long it has been since my last visit. I am so sad about that also. I will get there soon though. I remain hopeful. It’s only a three hour drive so I don’t understand my delay. The beach is beautiful and peaceful. I am at peace the most when I am there. The waves are untamable. The sand is the friend we all need. It will not let you leave it behind and it will stick beside you. The sun, depending on any given hour of the day, kisses the water like the love of your life. The sounds of God, nature, stillness, crashing waves and people in the distance are far from sensory overload. It’s more like mental, visual, physical, spiritual and emotional stimulation.

My favorite beach in Florida.