Dear Time,

January 13, 2020 @ 11:47a

Time is usually always associated with numbers. On the Dear Signs, podcast episode, I spoke on how I continuously have been seeing double, triple and quadruple numbers. For example, 111, 222, 333 or 1111. Then I randomly wrote on my dry erase board on the fridge, “Your Time is Coming” without giving it much thought. It didn’t dawn on me until weeks later that it was possibly the reason that I keep seeing the numbers, because my time was coming. There is a time and place for everything. Everything also happens right when it’s supposed to.

Recently, I called my cousin to check on her and towards the end of our conversation, she mentioned that the money market account that she opened, wasn’t performing as well as she thought that it should, for the amount of money she had in the account. I told her that I would pass over and check out the account. I went to her house and she logged into her account and we figured out the problem. In the midst of her trying to figure it out, I signed into my account and checked my interest rate and noticed that a few months ago, it started to decline. Now, a few months ago, I noticed, that after a large deposit, my interest was staying about the same. So I looked deeper into it and saw that I was only a few months into the decline. My banking institution no longer offers the type of money market account that I have and they were advertising a new type of account with a higher interest rate. So I created a new account and moved my money. Timing is everything because, had I allowed my busy life to keep me from looking into my finances, it would have been a costly mistake for me. Instead, it took a call from my cousin to make me look into my own account.

When we think or hear about time, it’s due to looking at a clock or counting weeks, days, months and years.  Time is associated with words like, life time, timeless, time sensitive, on time, time/date, overtime, in due time, timely, summer time, dinner time, bed time or timeline, just to name a few but the list goes on and on. My point is, trust the timing of your life. You are where you are supposed to be at this time. What you are experiencing now is the benefit of something, days, weeks, months or years ago and/or the benefit of something in the future. Embrace the moment in time that you are in and trust your journey.

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