Self-love, where do I start?

On this week’s podcast episode (Dear Self-Love), I talked about my thoughts on self-love and the things that I believed were necessary to achieve self-love. This topic came as a suggestion from an old co-worker who said that I embodied self-love. Also, because of Corona, we are all quarantined or at least we’re supposed to be. This means that we are spending more time with ourselves and others close to us. Some people don’t really enjoy their own company because they aren’t that comfortable with themselves. They need the company of someone else and they have to be around other people to feel content.

Self-love is defined as: regard for one’s own well-being and happiness (chiefly considered as a desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic). -Google

  1. Understand that you are unique and 1 of 1 (There is no one like you anywhere. You can’t be duplicated. Your life, thoughts, talents, etc. are specifically just for you.)
  2. Spend time with God and yourself (Alone time gives you the space to get to know yourself and your Creator.)
  3. Accept your flaws (You were born this way. God makes no mistakes. Accept every wrinkle, spot, etc.)
  4. Acknowledge your insecurities (When you can admit that something is sensitive for you, you own it and this makes it easier to not be hurt by it.)
  5. Do what makes you happy (Self-care is necessary to loving yourself. Do things that make you smile, brings you joy and peace.)
  6. Be selfish (Take care of you first. Fill your cup before you pour into anyone else.)
  7. Words of affirmation (Turn any negative statement about yourself into a positive. You are loved, you are smart, and you are worthy.)

*These are my tips. Self love will involve you finding what works best for you. I hope these tips help you on your journey.

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