Dear Signs,

December 26, 2019 @ 4:17p   

Some paths that we take in life come to us as easy as breathing, others we look for guidance to help us along the way. If you’ve ever asked or prayed for a sign, then you must’ve experience the part of life that is unknown and unsure. Some people have the balls to live life and not worry about a direction and they just flow with the wind. Others proceed with caution and look for a little assistance. While it’s great to grow as you go and learn from mistakes, some things in life are so major that the wrong move can set you back a bit. And when life has been challenging enough, those setbacks can be costly.

   For years, I have prayed for signs that would lead me to my purpose. People always say that your purpose will almost always have something to do with what you do naturally. It is usually something that is done so naturally that you don’t even consider it to be purposeful. I naturally like to help or assist others in any way that I can. I also, have always been a writer. I write down everything. Even when my mentor Eric called me a writer, I felt that the title boxed me in because I am so much more than that. In reality, at the core of me, writing is my thing. Whether it’s just writing my thoughts, my goals or opinions, my voice has always had someone volume to it. Meaning, whatever I had to say in my writings, mattered. It wasn’t just my thoughts, goals or just my opinions. It was my truth and reality. My name, Angela, means “heavenly messenger”.

   The signs were always there and will always be there. You have to be open and aware enough to receive them. I love looking into the sky at the clouds and admiring how great of an artist God is. Last year, in May, I noticed that the clouds formed a straight line a few days in a row. It did this for a couple of months. I immediately thought that this means that God is lining things up for me. Then I started seeing multiples of the same numbers, 111, 222, 333 etc. Next, I started seeing butterflies fly close to me. I Googled the meaning of the numbers and butterflies and it all started to make sense. I asked for signs and the signs appeared. Thankfully, I was open enough to receive them.

   Up until recently, June 14th to be exact, I had never heard Gods literal voice, I had always heard from Him through signs and feelings. One of my jobs that I was on for 7 years, I only applied to it because one day, multiple people told me to apply for the job. These people didn’t know one another to my knowledge and it was at different times throughout the day. When I purchased my home, I was denied by multiple apartment complexes so I took it as a sign to buy a house. It was always a dream of mine to own a house because the concept of renting didn’t appeal to me and seeing that my mom has been renting her whole life, but I didn’t think that I was ready at the time. Being denied was a sign. When it was time to quit the job, I went on a vacation and while on vacay, I thought about work and caught a pain in my chest. I thought that I was tripping so I waited and thought of work again. Caught another pain in my chest. I took that as a sign and I put in my two-weeks notice as soon as I returned to work. One of the best decisions I had ever made.

   Signs are all around us. Especially if we asked for them. Pay attention. Nothing happens by chance. There is a divine time and space for everything. You are exactly where you are supposed to be at this moment and any and everything that is meant for you, WILL NOT MISS YOU!

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