Dear Journal: From the male perspective ft. DJ

December 2, 2019 @ 11:08a

On the newest podcast episode, DJ dropped in to give the listeners his male perspective on journaling. Whether you want to call it diary writing, journaling, scripting or just writing down your thoughts in a notebook, it’s safe to say that anyone can do it and everyone should do it. Journaling is not just limited to your thoughts and feelings, it can also be for ideas, dreams, goals, prayers, etc.


  I believe that there is a sense of relief that can be received from writing down what you are feeling and there is healing when you can go back days, weeks, months or years later to read what you wrote about what you were feeling. Journaling is not specifically for your thoughts and feelings, you can express yourself however you see fit. I spoke on the podcast of my nieces and how I gave them journals to write in and they ended up drawing in them.

  DJ and I mentioned that we have shared a journal entry or two with one another but sharing your thoughts is totally up to you. I won’t make it a habit to share because of how personal they are to me. I struggled also with being completely honest while writing and struggled going back to read them. I always feared what people would find out if they read my journals but now, I am more concerned with being completely honest with myself and my truth.  

  I hope that you’ll consider getting your thoughts out or expressing yourself in journal form. You never know where it will lead you. Stay tuned next week for another woman’s perspective on journaling.

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