Dear Corona,

April 13, 2020 6:12p 

How are y’all doing? Y’all alright? I pray that all of you and your families are okay. A moment of silence for those who didn’t survive this virus.

 At a time like this, uncertainty is inevitable. This is new for all of us. We are taking it day by day. You have to be very intentional in these times because we don’t know what’s going to happen next. I have talked plenty of times about preparing and having several months of savings saved but not even I or a previous pandemic could have prepared us for this. This is 2020, not 1920 or whenever the last pandemic happened. So things are highly different. Luckily there is the internet and the ability to work remotely for some people. For others and students who can’t go back to work, school or even graduate, what happens next? My advice is to remain calm, faithful and proactive. Be mindful of what you are doing today as it will impact your tomorrow or the next day, month, year.

My situation is different. This is a great time for me as of today. I have peace and clarity during this time. Being isolated is not new for me. The newest thing for me is having more time on my hands. I was working seven days a week on two jobs but I quit my part-time job so I am just working one full-time job now. For about a week I was lazy, caught up on rest and did nothing. Now, I am in full go mode. I have been decluttering, being creative and anxious to get it all out. I am so grateful for this time. Listen to my current thoughts on this week’s podcast here!

DIY project: Bling mirror


Decluttering progress: Makeup, Fingernail polish, accessories.

The prayers, dreams and visions that I possessed in 2019 and predicted for 2020, are taking place. I am being extra intentional in this time. Some things that I wanted to do by March, I have decided to put off until May just because of the uncertainty of what we are going through. I don’t have a single doubt in my mind that the things that I am expecting this year would be delayed. I still believe. I am remaining positive and still working towards those things.

I understand that my story isn’t everyone else’s. Everyone isn’t going to handle this like I am. So with that said, I encourage all of you to take this time to Pause, Pray, Pause again and Proceed. Keep pushing and don’t give up. This had to happen to create entrepreneurs, strengthen us, push us, get us out of our comfort zone, slow us down so that we come out of this refreshed, renewed and revived!

We are conquerors. Be grateful, appreciative and give love. We will get through this. Maintain social distancing. Stay home, save a life. Wash your hands and please follow COVID-19 rules. Be informed and pay attention. Things are changing too quickly. Please keep up!

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