Dear Childhood,

February 23, 2020 @ 4:22p

I know that some people may not believe it but, we were all a child once. The not so great things that we experienced as a child sometimes gets forgotten and we repeat them as adults. Other times we remember them daily and make it a priority to never put anyone else through the things we went through. As often said, there is no rule book to being a parent and if there is, most times it’s not from the perspective of someone who looks like you. I recently had a conversation with my dear friend DJ and he stated that there actually is a rule book, it’s the Bible. He is so right. I never looked at it that way.  

There are no two situations alike and although we were all kids once, we all had to be treated uniquely. Most parents did what they could with what they had or with what they were taught. Regardless of what may have happened in our past, it shaped us in some way, or form.

Things that parents or adults told us, we believed because they were older and we trusted that they knew better. Years later, some of us learned better. Others are still regurgitating what we were taught no matter how outdated or untrue it is. Limitations were placed on us and we wore them like clothes. Parents are our first teachers and what we learned from them is what we eventually brought back out into the world.

We have to assess any hurts or traumas that we experienced and acknowledge them. Accept them for what they were, whether it was a lesson or a blessing and activate your power to change your story. 

In the Dear Childhood podcast, I opened up and this was possibly my most vulnerable episode to date. Listen here.

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