Mind your mind

I was doing great all of 2020. Wait, I lied!!! Kobe happened, then Corona happened then racism attacked full force and here we are. Let’s just say I was doing fine then June comes and there’s a death in my family. My brother, who I just started getting to know and who I hoped to meet in person. It was unexpected and sudden and I didn’t know how to process it. It was an eye opener that reminded me that tomorrow isn’t promised and to not put off tomorrow what could be done today.

Logging on to social media like Instagram and Facebook and seeing people dying, correction, being murdered on camera is not something we should be seeing so often let alone at all. It is traumatizing. I don’t ever want to get comfortable seeing it. I don’t want to desensitize it either. I want it to hurt every time we see it so that it will subside. It’s so horrible that it has to be this way. I only know that it has to get worse before it can get better.

So while I am sharing this with you, I am speaking directly to myself. The mind is powerful and the old saying is that the idle mind is the devil’s workshop and we are not going to give him a reason to get to work. Here are a few things that I will be doing to keep my mind sane and at peace with all that is going on. I hope it helps you also if you are feeling blah or sad. Feel your feelings but don’t live there, just pass by.

  1. Pray, talk to God or meditate
  2. Seek help (A friend or a professional)
  3. Have some you time, me time, quiet time or self care.
  4. Breathe! Take long deep breaths often.
  5. Find something soothing. (video’s on YouTube like ASRM, car detailing videos or pimple popping. *don’t knock it til you try it*)
  6. Find a park to people watch or take a ride to the lake or beach.
  7. Cry. (Find a movie or music to help you cry)
  8. Clean up / Declutter
  9. Get creative. Do something you have always wanted to do. (i.e. Build a bookcase, record a tutorial, write a book)
  10. BLOCK OUT NEGATIVITY!!! (Log off social media when it gets too overwhelming.)

Listen to this week’s podcast episode Dear Mind,


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