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Walking away

So I was sitting down thinking about nothing in particular and Chris Brown’s Just Fine verse where he says “I know that GOD will give you someone much better than me” came to mind, so I went to Youtube to listen to the song. I hadn’t heard it in years but it was one of my favorites from his album. I listened to the song about 10 times in a row because so many questions came to mind. I figured that by listening to it again I would get an answer but it only lead to more questions.

 I am a lover of music and I believe that there’s a song for almost any situation. It’s where the “art imitates life” saying rings true.

 Basically the song is about a couple who has been through the ups and downs that relationships bring. They have tried to work it out and they have had people try to break them up and finally the man in the relationship thinks that maybe people were right. Maybe they didn’t belong together. He says he doesn’t know why he can’t be the man she wants and deserves and he knows that she thinks that there is someone else but there isn’t. He tells his woman that there’s a man out there that is better than him. God has someone better for her. Her life will be fine. No more tears. Be patient.

 So my questions are, when you’re in love with someone, would you really let them go because you know that they deserve better than what you are giving them? Isn’t love enough to endure that obstacle? If you can let the one you love go then does that mean that the level of love was different? That she loved him more than he loved her and he didn’t want to hurt her? Or could it be that he loved himself more and decided that he had to leave the relationship to save himself? I have so many questions and I know someone is saying that it’s just a song and that it’s not that deep, but for me I want to know at what point in love, when the mind and the heart disagrees, who wins? Does the mind say you deserve better and the heart just has to deal or does the heart say, this is better and this is what I want? Is it a maturity thing? At what point is walking away the only option? I don’t really want answers to my questions, these just came to mind while listening to the song.

 Since I have never been in a situation as such I came to a conclusion on a few things. First, I do believe that love endures all things. I also believe that things have an expiration date. I believe that you can love someone enough to want what’s best for them and to see them happy even if happy is without you. In the song when he says that “GOD will give you someone much better than me” that is a very deep thing to say. It’s like you’re saying I’m not the one GOD has for you although you may want to be or even like saying I love you enough to pray that GOD gives you someone better than me. Like, how can you argue with that? Hahaha.

 At the end of the day, I would want someone to tell me that I deserve better than for them to string me along, causing damage. Know your worth and if you are not worthy to be with me and you know you don’t deserve me, walk away. Let the man who is worthy come along. 

Posted on 3/17/2015


   For a few weeks now, I have had this topic on my mind. It all started when this new scripted TV show called Empire aired. Within the first 30 mins, people were comparing it to Scandal and how much better the new show was. Everybody knows I go hard in the paint behind Scandal. It’s really a great TV show but I’ll talk about that later.                                           It could be a pet peeve of mine or maybe I’m just crazy but when I see people comparing themselves to others, it stirs up something inside of me. Why is it that both people can’t be great and succeed in their own rights? Why can’t both individuals be the best? Why does someone else have to be an option or even competition in your greatness? In election season, candidates bash each other in order to build themselves up. Businesses compare themselves to other businesses instead of both being successful. If you have to say you’re the best or put down someone else to make yourself look better you’ve already lost in the comparisons race. Because in reality, comparison is based on opinion and everyone has one of those. 

  Now back to Scandal, what makes my skin crawl is that every show that comes out is compared to Scandal. In my opinion, it’s incomparable. Scandal is in a league of its own. I believe that Scandal paved the way for scripted drama series with black lead actresses to step their acting skills up. For writers and directors to step their writing and directing skills up. Anyone who really watches Scandal and enjoys great TV, can’t possibly say within the first five mins of watching a new show, that it’s better than a series 4 seasons in. These shows should be enjoyed on their own merits and not compared in any shape, form or fashion. Yes I am a Gladiator but I am also a lover of great TV. Now Empire has drawn in a large crowd and Empire has the capabilities of being a great show. Is it there yet, for me I say no. It needs a little work but I believe that they will find their niche.

   When it’s all said and done, we enter this world alone and we leave this world alone. I can’t bring myself to compare myself to anyone else. The greatness inside of me does not have to be compared to anyone or shouted out for the world to see. Its visible without ever saying a word.

Love Angie, Be Blessed! 

Posted on 2/8/2015

Breaking a habit…

It’s amazing the things that we pick up on as we get older without truly realizing it. We tend to do things without much knowledge or second thought about it because we do it just that often. For years I have wanted to stop cracking my knuckles. But it wasn’t until recently that I looked at my hand and imagined a ring on it(don’t judge me, ha-ha) and realized that my knuckles will be huge if I don’t stop cracking them or that I might even get arthritis. So I made a conscious effort to stop right then and there. I could not believe how often I did it subconsciously and for no reason at all. Just because it was a habit to do it at any given moment.The first couple of days I slipped up a few times and caught myself right away. It actually started to gross me out noticing how much I did it. Now, almost 3 weeks later I can say that I haven’t cracked my knuckles in two weeks. About a 15 year habit broken in less than a week. This was no small feat. It definitely makes the old saying “you can do anything you put your mind to,” ring true. One small step for me. Now if I can just break this habit that is a human being, I’ll be alright. Let’s see how this one plays out. 

Posted on 2/2/2015