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The cause and cure

Written on: 6-22-14 @ 2:26p

Posted 12-21-17 @ 12:50p

The cause of my problem is you,

                the worst part of it is, you’re the cure too.

All of these unexplainable feelings coercing through my veins.

                 So many emotions that I can’t even begin to explain.

The constant battle between the heart and brain,

                the body’s stuck in the middle, just trying to maintain.

Composure has been impossible to keep,

                and reactions emerge as emotions run deep.

Too much space in between and too much time apart,

                causes a fondness in the heart.

Trying to build walls to stop the flow of you,

               is like building a sand castle on the shore near the ocean’s blue.

 We made great music, our bodies being the instruments,

                whenever you came, you left me spent.

Reached peaks higher than any mountain,

                causing a flow similar to fountains.

Plans to run for the hills because it’s too much to handle,

                  but the flame between us is much larger than that of a candle.

So here I am, still stuck to you like glue,

                   for as much as it hurts,

The only cure is YOU.

Work ethics

Written on: May 7, 2017 12:20p

Posted Dec 19, 2017 10:20a

Entrepreneurship is on a rapid rise. It’s easier now than ever to make your own money and not have to report to a boss. Social media is as great example of a platform for anyone to be able to create many different business opportunities. For some people, working for others and/or looking to work for others is still a thing. So, while the need for a job is not great for some, it is a need for others.

I see so many people speak on how they don’t want a job or need one and they are usually the ones who lack work ethic. They will quit at the drop of a hat, call off weekly just because they don’t want to go in, get hired and never report to work or even call to say that they found a better opportunity. They will even work and provide an attitude for good measure just because they don’t want to be there. When you are hired, you are signing up to be depended upon to handle a position and task/job. If the job deems that you aren’t reliable or able to perform the task, they will usually replace you with someone who can.

Due to the increasing amount of ways to earn money without working hard or on someone’s job, more people are losing their work ethic. I can’t help but to think that sooner than later more and more companies will replace humans with robots/machines. Then those who want and need jobs, won’t be able to find any. Just like anything, I believe we should appreciate and value things while we have them. Because when they get taken away, we will have to deal with the consequences of that. Even more importantly, if our right or option to work was taken away, we would be outraged.

Yes, of course we should all be entrepreneurs or have the entrepreneurial mindset, but in the interim, some people will have to work to build up to acquire the means to support that entrepreneurship endeavor. Now, to think on a bigger scale, I would assume 😒 that entrepreneurs need employees. The boss can’t do it all. Which brings me back to my original point of work ethics. While you’re an employee, work ethics should be top priority because when/if you become an entrepreneur, your work ethics may come back to haunt you in the people you may have to hire to ensure that your business runs efficiently.

Insert the Golden Rule here! 😊

#FlashbackFriday: What’s wrong with real life?

Written on June 18, 2015 @3:58p

 I was listening to The Read podcast a couple of weeks ago and Crissle made that statement and it made me smile. For a long time I had been wanting to jot down my thoughts about people who lie, pretend, fake the funk, etc on social media and in general. That statement made it so much easier for me to finally write my thoughts about the things I see daily. “What’s wrong with real life?”

 We have all been guilty of embellishing and boosting our truths to make things seem more interesting, prettier, dramatic, etc., but how far is too far? At what point is it no longer embellishing the truth? How far are we willing to go just for a “LIKE”? Example of embellishing the truth: Let’s say that I post a picture of me at a party or at dinner and the caption says that I am having a blast, when I am actually sitting down with my face in my phone scrolling through Instagram the whole time. Or, filtering pictures to mute out some of your imperfections. The lies and pretending comes in when you screenshot a picture of a Celine bag and say that its yours or you post a picture from a vacation that you didn’t take. Who does it benefit to lie about where you weren’t or what gifts you didn’t get on your birthday? What’s wrong with real life?

 There are so many things to be thankful and grateful for rather than dwelling on what you don’t have. Most people have the ability to wake up and brush their own teeth, wash their own face and drive their own cars to their jobs or their own businesses. Then there are the few people who need assistance to get out of bed, brush their teeth, wash their face, eat and even write. Some with no homes, jobs or cars. We take so much for granted and overlook the smallest blessings while looking at what someone else has, wishing we were them. What’s wrong with real life?

 What is it in one’s life that is so bad and wrong that causes them to want to live a fake life or to pretend to have someone else’s? When it’s time to show and prove, what happens? Another lie is sure to come. I totally get that no one has to prove anything to anyone but when you offer up a lie that no one asked for, then show and tell should follow.

 I believe that while here, in this life, we should live and enjoy it to the fullest. As time passes and you look back on your life, how much of it did you spend being you? How much of it did you ignore because you were so busy looking into the Jones’ yard? I’m sure your grass could get a heck of a lot greener if you watered it just as much as you watched me water mine. If there is something in your life that you are unhappy or unsatisfied with, change it. I guarantee, that the same time and energy that is used to spew out lie after lie can be used to create the life that you want. I believe that everyone, whether you believe in GOD, the law of attraction or putting things into the universe, can create the life they want to live. Choices. Life is about choices. If you choose to live a lie, then don’t act surprised when nothing in your life ever goes right. If you choose to live a honest positive life, don’t be afraid to enjoy and show the fruits of your labor.

Posted on December 8, 2017 @ 3:30p

Customer service!

Customer service seems to have become a lost art. I don’t even know where to start to place the blame. I pride myself on being courteous to customers and being courteous when I am the consumer. It’s always been said that the customer is always right but nowadays, I don’t think anyone believes in that saying or practices it.

My first job was at a fast food restaurant. I quickly learned how cruel and rude people could be when it comes to getting or giving service. Whether it was the first customer of the day or the last, I found out that there is no off time or off day for people to have an attitude. I’ve worked in customer service for about 15 years total on several different jobs. It wasn’t until my second job that I was truly tested. Did I pass the test, no, but a lesson was definitely learned.

Most times, when someone has an attitude, it usually has nothing to do with you. It could be problems within their personal life, having a sick family member at home or in the hospital. A problem with their relationship, going through a breakup or divorce. Financial problems. They themselves are not feeling well. Unhealthy work environment, they hate their job but need the paycheck. Underpaid and overworked etc. Many times we tend to say “If you don’t like your job then you should just quit.” I’ve realized that it’s not that simple for some.

There are plenty of times that I go to work and wish that I was elsewhere but the customers that I interact with, would never know that. When I go to a business where I am going to spend my hard earned money, I am nice and expect the bare minimum of courtesy. It seems like common sense to me for someone to think about how they want to be treated on their job and apply that when they are the consumer but that’s not the case. It all goes out of the window when you have other things going on and the person in front of you is the least of your concerns.

You could be having a great day and walk into a business and the first employee you meet gives you all of the attitude in the world. Your day or mood could easily be altered due to that one person. Same thing as a worker, you’re having a great morning and a customer calls in and curses you out from A-Z. Now your mood has shifted. Applying the Golden Rule would save a lot of bad experiences.

As a customer I expect to be given the courtesy of a pleasant experience and as a worker I am expected to give the same. While I understand that you never know what people are going through, I also believe that we have to learn to separate business/personal. Positivity breeds positivity. We live in a world that is more sensitive than ever before. It’s so easy for someone to get online and vent about a business and the services they received, that could potentially hurt the business. Bad customer service can ruin the reputation of a business. Word of mouth is the best advertising a business can get for free. Put out quality products and services and in return, receive an increase in profits.

Look at Chic-fil-a. Their food is good but people talk more about the customer service that they provide. There’s always a long line at Chic-fil-a, but it moves fast. People go back because they are receiving quality products and services.

Plain and simple, be like Chick-fil-a. Lol! We all should try to apply the Golden Rule in all areas of life. Treat people how you want to be treated.


Written on May 18, 2017

Posted Oct 22, 2017 @ 2a

Dear Scandal,

When I first heard that next season would be the last season, I brushed it off thinking, “that’s impossible.” Then I heard the official announcement and had to take a moment to process it. I still rush home to watch it if I’m out. I still get blown away after every episode. Still get emotional if someone does something horrible to one of my favorite characters. Still have hope for Olitz! Since season 1, I still.

I understand the reason behind it and the vision that Shonda Rhimes had for it. My peace comes because of the number 7, season 7. SEVEN, the number that marks/symbolizes completion. I can’t argue with that. Six great years of a great show. There were times when Scandal may have went a bit off course but I stayed true and still tuned in.

I’m so proud of Scandal and the standard that it set and the doors that it opened. I’m going to miss trying to figure out Shonda and those darn writers. I’m going to miss nights of minor heart attacks and needing another glass of wine. I’ll miss giving recaps to every one who called me at 9:10 to get my input and predictions. The live tweeting and texting. Undoubtedly my all-time favorite show. Thank you Scandal. I know that season 7 will be the best. Go out with a bang.


The Shack

I watched a movie called The Shack recently. I didn’t recall seeing a preview or hearing about it so I didn’t know what to expect before watching it. After watching, in short, it was about a judgemental man who didn’t have the strongest relationship with God and a tragedy that he experienced.

The movie was two hours long. From the start of the movie I could tell that it was Christian based and that there was a message to be received. I watched intently and paid attention to details, as to not miss anything. As I’m watching the movie, I remember controversy around it months ago because the person who portrayed God was a WOMAN, who was BLACK. I digress.

I won’t give away all of the movie, I will only speak on the part that spoke to me. The part that screamed the loudest and was eye opening. The main character in the movie got to the point where he questioned why God did not punish someone who did a horrible thing. Someone in the movie told the main character that since he liked to judge people that he could sit in the judge’s seat. She then told him that both of his kids had been doing things that they should not have been doing and that he had to pick which one of his kids he would send to hell. He said that he couldn’t choose and to take him instead, that he would give his life for them to live. Let that sink in.

For someone to love you so much that they would give their life for you to live. That they would take the punishment for your actions. A love like that is like no other. Be blessed!

Should you watch the movie, yes. I think that there are necessary gems in the movie that would be helpful and eye opening. Enjoy!

 Posted on 9/22/17 @ 8:15p



While it’s said that we can only depend on God and ourselves, it can go without saying that we all need someone in our corner. A partner, someone to hold us accountable for our actions,(meaning, keeping it real and not sugar coat things) or to watch over or take care of us. It helps us to get through life just a little bit better, to have someone around to help us prevent situations and/or get through situations. Most times, two heads are better than one and one of the two can or will enable or hinder(in a good way) things. Example, I recently started going to the gym with my cousin and she made me pinky promise to be her gym accountability partner. On days that she hasn’t been in the mood to go, I encourage her and while at the gym, she pushes me and keeps me going.

Recently there was a story out of Chicago about a 19 year old girl that went to a party and was found dead in a hotel freezer, nearly 24 hrs later. Many people have commented that her “friends” set her up, that her friends should have said something or been better friends, etc. I was in a situation years ago when I was about 23 years old and I went out to the club with my friend. We were having a great night that was coming to a close, it may have been about 3 or 4a. I was either using the restroom or on the dance floor and when I went back to the spot where she should have been, she was no where to be found. I walked around the club a few times before calling her and she answered saying that she was downstairs in a car with a guy that she met. I was shocked and confused as to why she would leave without telling me or waiting for me. I went on to tell her that if something happened to her, that I wouldn’t know what to tell police or her family. I didn’t know anything, what kind of car he drove or his name. She was shocked that I would freak out like I did but I grew up on the saying “We came together, we leave together.” As an adult, I still stand by this but I am a little more lenient now that my friends and I make better decisions and technology has improved.

I think that we need to get in the mind frame of caring for one another more. Call a friend before you buy that bag that you can’t afford so that friend can say something like. “Girl, don’t get it. You have to pay that ticket that you got for speeding.” Or to the guy thinking about going home with the girl he met at the bar, “Say man, don’t do it, think about your family at home. It’s not worth it.” My bestie called me the other day to ask if she should do the right thing in a situation or do what she felt was best for her situation, that wouldn’t necessarily be considered the right thing. She already knew what I would say, she basically wanted reassurance. When my cousin and I go out and if she drops me off at home, she doesn’t pull off until I turn my light on and give her the okay. Or staying on the phone until someone gets home safely. These are small simple gestures that have a great impact.

We have to be held accountable for our actions and for the people we care about. We can’t prevent everything but if we can prevent some things, we should try. Being a ride or die and proving loyalty, should have it’s limits. There was an incident during Irma, where a group of adults and teenagers were caught looting. Out of about 10+ people, no one in that group decided that it would have been better to stay inside where it’s safer than being out and in the elements? That shoes and televisions aren’t worth your safety and won’t be worth anything if they get wet/damaged. That your freedom is at risk when you get caught. No one out of the group of adults thought that this is not the best idea or example to set for those teenagers? 10+ people needed an accountability partner. Someone to remind them that stealing is a crime and with crimes, there are consequences. 

There are plenty of things that we can do to be better decision makers, here are a few to start. 

1. Think twice before doing something that you are not 100% sure about.

2. Once you’ve thought about it and if you haven’t found clarity, call a friend that you trust for their opinion. 

3. Know when to speak up if someone is about to do something questionable.

4. Don’t be afraid to be honest and ask for help.

5. Ask yourself or your friend/accountability partner if what they’re contemplating is worth it.

Posted on 9-15-17 @ 10:25a

Natural journey

In 2014 I cut my “struggling to grow” hair, short. It was something new and edgy to bring in my 30th year of life. I said to myself that if my hair didn’t act right during that year, that I would go natural. Since my hair was already short, there would be no need for that much of a big chop. So, March of 2015 was my last relaxer. I transitioned by wearing wigs and box braids.

In 2016, I had a little length so I started to wear twist outs and puff ponytails. I never got into the product junkie phase of buying everything that was talked about on YouTube. While trying to find the right products for my hair, I only purchased products that were on sale and cheap. I know that growing up, our parents always used grease and water on our hair so I never felt the need to buy $15-$20 products. Most products that I have used in these last 2 years, cost no more than $5 each. I have found decent products but so far nothing has blown me away.

I have low porosity hair, based on the water test I did. Therefore everything that I use on my hair, sits on top of my hair. It flakes easily and takes forever to dry with products on it. So, as of yesterday when I took out my month long box braids, I decided to try the old school, simplistic route. I took my braids out, deep conditioned my hair, clipped my ends and twisted it up with only grease. I took my twists out and my hair looked moisturized and defined. I was blown away.

I worked 8 hours, went home, napped and there was minimal frizz when I woke up. Normally my hair would have been in the fro state on the way home. It’s still defined and looks moisturized. Not heavy or too greasy. I’m going to retwist my hair tonight and wear it out and about tomorrow and see if I am still pleased with the results. If so, I’m ditching the products and sticking with just good ole Blue Magic grease.

Posted on 8/10/17 @ 10p.

Interview with the Flawed Gentleman

I had the pleasure of conducting my very first interview via text message. It’s ironic because I’ve always believed that it’s hard to get to know someone solely through text messages. This interview was exciting and different and I was able to ask anything I wanted about whatever I wanted. I’m usually reserved when conversing through text messages, so I could have gone the explicit route to try something new, but I’m a mental person who enjoys mental stimulation. Although I have been knowing him for a few years, he is still a mystery to me, so I decided to keep mystery as the theme for this interview. To find out more about why he calls himself the Flawed Gentleman, visit his blog at

Enjoy! *6-7-17 @ 12:30p*

Angie: How are you today?

Roman Arts: I’m great. Nice weather to be productive. You?

A: I am well. Thank you for asking. Who are you?

RA: I’m Roman Arts. I’m a 2 track minded thinker.

A: For those who haven’t been introduced to your blog, Flawed Gentleman @ , who is Roman Arts?

RA: Roman Arts is a gentleman. He is a single straight male that looks at the world as a daily opportunity to live happily. On my blog I narrate random thoughts that come through my mind with a twist or redirection. Two track minded.

A: What does being a gentleman mean to you?

RA: Great question Angie. Being a gentleman to me is being a true you. It’s one thing to please everyone with fluff or what they expect and it’s another to genuinely do what one feels, just because its natural.

A: Do you think that being a gentleman is rare in this world or just rare in the city that you live in?

RA: I’ll go out on a limb and say that every guy is a gentleman. Each man was taught different on what to and not to do. Each person who reciprocates their actions can either say they like the gentleman that man is or not. Some are chivalrous and some are hard workers.

A: I know someone who said that he was never taught how to be romantic. I said that I didn’t believe that someone had to physically teach you but that you could learn from things around you on how to be romantic. I.e movies or other people around you. Do you agree?

RA: I agree with you both. A village is what raises us. Most people are physical learners. That individual may have needed to see flowers being bought, just because. Random vacay, just because. Hearing someone tell another the L word, just because, etc. Movies (I’m a movie head) show us a fictional existence; however it’s upon the pupil to receive it’s learning moments.

A: The gentleman title suits you well. You mentioned that you are a single straight male. Why are you single?

RA: Thank you Angie, as well as GentleWoman suits you. Yes there is a such thing. I’m single because I haven’t fallen into the webs of “suppose to.” “Suppose to,” makes people rush into permanent things with a temporary mindset.

A: Thank you. “Supposed to”, as in, you’re a good man, so you’re supposed to be in a relationship?

RA: I’ll say “suppose to,” as in settling when others tell you to and with what or who. I’d rather organic and natural vibes, that feels right vs lying to myself.

A: I understand that and agree. Do you have any guilty pleasures?

RA: I do. 🙈 I have a guilty pleasure of… going to movies alone. I have no shame in going places alone.

A: I think that it’s more common now, going places alone than it was 5 years ago. Only a few more questions. Is there anything that you would change about this world or about yourself?

RA: Hmmmmm. Allow me to twist this question in a way that I would twist my reader’s mind on my blog. I would make a fiction movie that will have black people exploring the seas in an amistad like boat and coming to land where white people are living in peace. The black people will enslave the white people for two hundred years. Upon freeing them, only one white person will be president and black will be a Privilege. Lol, would you watch that movie? To all of the readers: I’m not evil, I just share my random thoughts.😂

A: Yes I would watch. I’m sure every POC(person of color) would.

RA: ****This movie idea is published by this blog. If anyone takes our idea, we’ll bust your ass and sue you.

A: I was just about to say, are you sure you want to share this idea?!

RA: This is a published blog with time and date.

A: Coming to a close, do you have a bucket list?

RA: I don’t have a specific list. However, I do have a vision board that I update monthly. I wanna do so much but change my mind a lot. I had that I wanted to see Erykah Badu in concert before I die and did it two Sundays ago. I went solo, lol. Guilty pleasure.

A: That’s great. I don’t think that I could to do a concert alone. I love Erykahs vibe. Any last words/thoughts to share?

RA: It was such a dope experience. I treated myself for my birthday. We gonna be damned if I bought someone a ticket on my birthday, lol. I want to say thank you for using you and introducing me to your supporters. As well as I’m a supporter of your universe. If I had to pay $1 a week or month to read your work I would. May I interview you as well?

Only a dollar?! Funny guy right? 😉


Mothers, you only get one. They are unique people. There is no rule book on how to be a mom, so they do what they can and most try their best. My mother is no different. She is more than 2 hands full but I am thankful for her. “Lil Woman” is not rich or wealthy but she still finds a way to help out her kids in any way that she can. She moves around like a 20 year old and is about to be 70. I have been on multiple vacations with friends but never really with my immediate family. Nothing makes me happier than for my sister and I to be able to take our mother to the land of her favorite place, the casino. She has never flown before and to have her pick of where to gamble and for as long as she wants, makes me happy. This is going to be one vacation for the books.

Posted on 6-4-17 @ 10:51a, Sunday.

My blog is 5 years old!

On May 22nd, my blog turned 5 years old. A little back story on me. I am very private and I don’t like to share too much. I have always enjoyed writing but I never told anyone about my writings, which I called (just my thoughts). That’s all they were, not poetry or lyrics, just my thoughts. Whatever I was thinking at that moment. I told a few people and one person asked me to share something with them, they featured it on their blog and I decided to start sharing on my blog more often. Here is something I wrote 10 years ago. I don’t remember what inspired it or what it truly means because I didn’t title it. A title usually helps me. I copied it as it was and didn’t make any changes because I wanted to protect the essence of it. Here it is.

Written on 5-12-07 @ 4:35am

Sealed lips, open eyes. Though my voice is silent, my eyes speak volumes.

Not afraid to speak, just afraid to see. Closed mouth, blind eyes.

Your questions aren’t just questions, they’re clues for the future. Hints of what’s to come. A scavenger hunt.

Your voice isn’t just a sound, it’s music to my ears. Melodies I long to hear. A conversation song.

So my love, speak to me. Open my eyes, kiss my lips. Help me say what’s in my heart.

You’ve shown me the light, and told me my dreams. Now hold my hands, as I make my speech.

Posted on 5/25/17 @ 10:08a


A year ago, I graduated from college. Although I haven’t found a job in the field that I graduated in yet, nothing can take away the feeling of graduating and graduating with honors. It was a long time coming. The last time I graduated was in 2002 and it was not with honors. That’s why I’m so proud of myself. I made the decision to go back and I excelled. I could have done even better than that and that’s motivation. Education is always a great idea. Knowledge is power and it’s even more powerful when you use that power to help others. While school isn’t for everyone, education is definitely important. Don’t let age be a factor when it comes to educating yourself. You’re never too old to learn and improve. Excuses are not necessary. We can’t let our dialect be the spokesperson for our ignorance. Our knowledge can’t come from memes and fake websites on Facebook. Research and read. Access is at your fingertips. Use it wisely.

Posted on May 21, 2017 8:54p

Throwback Thursday unposted post

Written on Feb 24, 2015 @ 12:14p

I wish….

that 140 characters weren’t the limit for our attention span.

that reading was still considered fundamental instead of being known as a way of telling someone off.

that being real didn’t mean you say any and everything that comes to mind.

that the old saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all,” was still an unwritten rule.

that the world wasn’t so full of hate.

that we all loved more and gave love as freely as we receive air.

that words of encouragement were spewed out more than disrespect, vulgar language and opinions.

that standing in line for shoes and phones wasn’t more popular than standing in line to vote or sign up for college.

that our drive to go to the hottest clubs every Friday and Saturday, was our drive to make it to church on Sunday morning.

that friendships and relationships had more stable foundations.

that marriages were more sacred.

that bible quotes were used in the correct context and not just as a picture/post for “likes.”

that every move and decision we made, didn’t have to be posted on social media for approval.

that our life goals didn’t involve going viral to be famous.

that we extended our hands to help more than reaching for the phone to capture it on video.

that our kids were taught self-love instead of lyrics to songs.

that we were more role models for our kids instead of expecting celebrities to do it.

that the word of God was spread around more than rumors.

that violence wasn’t normal.

that we would stand for more.

that respect for elders was still a requirement and that kids were still told to stay in a childs place.

Posted on May 4, 2017 @ 8:53p P.s. I emailed this to myself while at work and never finished it but I still feel this way so I posted it unfinished.

Recognition in the other direction.

I wanted to post something but had a block. Went searched through old emails and saw that I sent this to myself while at work one day.

Written on 10/19/16 @2:47p

Sometimes no matter what you do for someone and no matter how many times you do it, it won’t be recognized or appreciated until you have passed away. Sadly enough no one recognizes what you do for them because they are preoccupied with noticing what you do for others.  

Posted April 23, 2017 @ 9:58a

Givers and takers

Posted on 4-10-17 @ 8:15a

Was anyone put on this earth to just give?

I had a conversation with someone who has a passion for giving, helping and buying things for people. They said that it makes them feel good to do things for others. I love to bless others when and where I can, so I understand the joy they feel when doing those things. Based on a conversation that we had and something that was said, my question to them was, “Is it that you don’t feel complete if you can’t take care of someone?” and “Is it that you have nothing else to offer but monetary support?” This is a great person who I believe has good intentions, so I really hoped that money wasn’t all that they had to offer. I believe that God blesses us to bless others and the bible does say “…it is better to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35).

I can honestly say that I have never come across someone who felt this way so strongly so I was taken aback. My mind started to wander and my first though was that this person is trying to buy affection or approval. My next thought was that this is a recipe for them to be used by people with ill intentions. Then I went into concern mode to want to protect them from someone who would abuse that kindness. I guess I would say that I sympathize with people who are givers but they never receive. I’ve been in situations where things were one sided but it was with almost everyone I had a relationship with. I had to come to terms with the fact that that was my role in those relationships.

So in all, my question is, was anyone put on this earth just to give? It is undoubtedly a blessing to be able to give. There is no denying that, but if people only come to you for that reason then is giving really fulfilling if you’re being used?

B. E. A. U. T. I. F. U. L.

Posted on 4-1-17

Back before bodies were burned and beauty was bought, to be like the black and brown bodies they brought, we came from a land that bore kings and queens to become bearers of babies born into slavery. There are scars on our backs that tell beautiful stories of strength.

Ever wonder why our elasticity will always exist? Even our skin is an example of strength. Every exterior bruise was met with tough skin and eternal interior strength ensued. The endurance was not in vain. Each soul after benefits from this blood in their veins.

Ancestors were abused and their abilities and contributions weren’t acknowledged. Still they advanced in a world where they were controlled by those afraid of them. Adjectives can’t decribe the amazement I feel to be amongst my awesome race.

Unique is who we are. Underdogs are who we have been. Underrated and overworked. Undeniable tenacity. Couldn’t pay most to understand where our pride comes from. Until the end of time we will be called many things, ugly is not one.

Take time to think about your tone. Your skin tone and the many shades that were created. Your voice and the depth of its tone. Trust your words and teach when you speak. There are many who try to recreate what we’ve been blessed with.

I am not hateful or against anyone who is not like me. I am proud of who I am. I love me and those before me. I imagine it makes others uncomfortable to hear the words that are spoken of my people. I pray that everyone from every race will one day soon find their strength from the roots within them.

First find your fight. Whether it’s to be free to to help free others. It’s in us to find that strength to not fail. To go further and to finish. We won’t falter. We were fearfully and wonderfully made.

Urban is a word used to describe us. U can’t let words unleash the beast in u. U must remain that beautiful king and queen that only radiates light and peace. U are worthy.

Loving the skin that you are in is a necessity. Living in the truth of your past. In the likeness of our long lost ancestors, let us live lives that would be pleasing to them. Looking, living, loving, learning like the kings and queens that we are. Make it a lifestyle.

“I love flowers. I love to take care of them and giving life to them even though their growth life was cut short. A great sacrifice to have their beauty compromised for my benefit.”

March 16, 2017 @ 11:08a


VACATIONING: Almost ten years of traveling recap.

2008- Destin, Florida – This is definitely a family vacation location. Very touristy. Beautiful water and lots to do. I’ve been about 3 more times since. Still have the same view/opinion as the first time. I would probably choose Pensacola over Destin.

Biloxi, Mississippi – When in need of a quick getaway, this is a great 1 hour drive for a nice hotel, pools and casinos.

2010- Pensacola, Florida – This is probably my favorite place to take a quick 3 hour drive for a daycation or a weekend getaway. It’s very quiet and calm. Feels like home. Not as busy as Destin but can definitely be touristy in certain areas. I’ve been about 10 times or more and it never gets old. There’s a beach area that I go to that is almost always empty. I love Pensacola. I will always go back.

2010- Miami, Florida – My first time in Miami was nice. I went because someone else didn’t go and it was a great trip. I packed way too many clothes. I soon realized that many clothes aren’t required for Miami. Bathing suits, shorts and dresses for the club is all that’s needed. Lots of high and low end shopping and eating. Drinks were expensive and rental cars aren’t needed. Everything is right there. Beautiful weather, rained only for a few minutes then went back to being beautiful. Made 2 other trips to Miami since and I feel like I know South Beach like the back of my hand. I’m over it now. Not much of a need to go back, although I wouldn’t turn down a chance to take a vacay.

2011- Las Vegas, Nevada – This was a birthday trip for me and my bff. He had been before, this was my first time. We didn’t do much in the few days that we were there. Walked the strip, gambled a bit and went out for drinks one night. The rest of the time was walking the strip, eating and a little shopping. My second trip to Vegas in 2014 for my 30th birthday definitely made up for the first time. I would definitely visit again.

2011 – Cruise to Cozumel, Mexico – My very first cruise. 5 days 4 nights. I enjoyed because a cruise is cheap and a one stop shop. I didn’t like that we only spent 8 hours on land in Cozumel. Which ended up only being 4 hours for us because we didn’t get off of the boat until 12 and had to be back by 4. Weird that you have to pay to enter some beaches. We found a free one of course. Beautiful water in Cozumel. The food on the boat was delicious. Pictures were expensive. Staff was amazing. Entertainment was great. Would take another cruise again but would probably have to Port out of Miami to visit a different place.

2011 – Miami, Florida – This trip was taken with 9 other lovely ladies. 5 people under 30 years old and 5 people over the age of 30. We had a great time. Went to clubs and out to eat. Epic trip with no drama. Love those ladies!

2012 – New York & New Jersey – Went with my best friend in the summer and stayed with one of her friends. Busy busy busy. People are always on the move. Times Square was beautiful. Shopping is a must. Subways were a bit confusing at first but easy to get the hang of. Went to a club in Jersey, it was cool. I probably would not go back to New York. It was beautiful to see and experience but I didn’t see much that warrants a trip back. Maybe to visit the Statue of Liberty or Ground Zero.

2013 – Atlanta, Georgia –  Another trip with my best friend. We stayed with a friend. I only wanted to visit the strip club and we couldn’t because we were stuck on Nola time and left the house after midnight and the clubs close at 2a. We were able to visit Johnny Rockets and do some shopping at the Underground mall. Went to a bar that we had a nice time at and the night didn’t end til 6a. 🤐 I would probably visit again if asked or offered. Not voluntarily.

2014 – Las Vegas, Nevada – My 30th birthday. Epic.

2015 – Panama City, Florida – My first time vacationing there. A 5 hour drive. We stayed in condos. About 25 people total in 3 different condos. Great trip and had a great time. Very relaxing and beautiful scenery. I wouldn’t go back only because of the amount of time it took to get there. I would just go to Pensacola instead. 😉

2015 – Montego Bay, Jamaica – This was probably my favorite place ever! I was sick 4 out of the 5 days there because I was drinking the bottled “Wata”. The people are amazing. So carefree and easy going. So helpful and friendly. It didn’t seem like they were only being nice for a tip. It was genuine. The resort was beautiful but once you leave the resort you have to be prepared. Vultures. I kissed a dolphin, rode a horse on the beach all while feeling horrible. The views were beautiful in Montego Bay and Negril. The staff at the resort was absolutely amazing. They remembered our names the whole time there. Very friendly and welcoming. Entertainment was on point, always something to do. I would go back to Jamaica 1000 times. By far the best place I have been.

2016 – Miami, Florida – For my best friend’s birthday. Weather was overcast and rainy the whole weekend.

2016 – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – This trip was interesting. The short version is that I tried zip lining for the first time. Got motion sickness from a catamaran ride, rode a buggy and got into a fresh water cave to take pictures. Beautiful sceneries. Resort was massive but pretty chill. The people weren’t very friendly and if you don’t speak Spanish it’s hard to communicate with mostly everyone there. Almost every place outside of the resort was hard to look at. It seemed like two different worlds. I probably would not return to Dominican Republic. *there is a deeper story behind this trip that I may share one day.*

2017 – Houston, Texas – Another birthday trip with my best friend. We stayed by her friend’s house. My first time in Texas as an adult or even to vacation. What was supposed to be a 5 hour drive ended up being about 7 or 8. Traffic there is horrible. Tolls every where. Stayed about 4 days. Went to 3 different malls and 3 different clubs. Clubs close at 2 also there. Overall it was a nice trip. If I go back, I would definitely fly.